How great is this? It has started. Carmela’s back entrance is being completed by the Madison Club as promised.

Madison Club - Ave 53 Prep

We are waiting for correspondence from the City of La Quinta on the final date of completion. Updates will follow with pictures. Thanks to all Carmela Homeowners for filing the petition to get this work completed!

1:22 p.m. UPDATE From the City of La Quinta:

Len, thanks for your email message. I don’t know the exact dates required for completion of the landscaping work and have asked our Public Works Department to review and respond back to you. It is my understanding that Discovery will be starting on Avenue 53 this week as they were a bit delayed in starting due to a delay in receiving CVWD approval of their landscaping plans. They have been in communication with us and are securing the necessary approvals from us allowing them to work in the right of way. You should be hearing back from Public Works shortly. Thanks again for your message.

Les Johnson
Community Development Director
City of La Quinta
(760) 777-7071